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Driving Tests in


Driving Style, will guide you for the best possible chance to successfully pass your practical test

Book your theory test

Prices and Links for Theory Tests


Weekdays, evenings, weekends

and bank holidays £23


OFFICIAL & GOV.UK website:


Book your theory driving test

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Cancel your theory driving test

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Book your practical test

Prices and Links for Practical Tests


Weekdays £62, Evenings and weekends £75

Extended Tests Weekdays £124,  Weekends £150


OFFICIAL & GOV.UK website:


Book your practical driving test

Amend your practical driving test

Cancel your practical driving test

Available and Additional

Theory Support

Extra time maybe granted to learners, but you must satisfy that you hold:

  • A medical statement

  • A doctor's letter

​From experience this extra time is not normally needed.


Voice overs of the test are available under exceptional circumstances, or the use of headphones is available on request, you MUST state this at time of booking.


That affects driving

Any medication you need to take must be declared to the DVLA.

If you do not declare this you run the risk of having your licence suspended!

Any prescribed medication must be taken on time - every time, as per your doctor's instructions. This can vastly reduce any issues when driving.

SEN & Extra info

for Driving Tests

Specify any useful information on the booking forms under "additional information".

I would advise to let your instructor do this part.


Specify need/issue: e.g. Autism; Asperger’s and how this is managed;

Ask examiner to avoid using complex English terminology.

AVOID examiner asking student: “how does your disability/requirements affect your driving?”


Get your instructor to write any key notes and send them into the test centre 2-days before the test.

SEN Tests
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